Rabbits / Guinea Pigs

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs staying with us are kept outside in Omlet Eglu houses. The houses have large runs attached to the houses - 3 m long and the rabbits & guinea pigs are free to run in and out all day long. They are locked up at night. The entire run and hutch is moved onto fresh grass as required.

The hutch is large enough to accomodate up to 3 rabbits or 4 guinea pigs at the same time so all your pets can all stay together. (if they are used to living with each other).

We provide rabbits & guinea pigs with fresh home grown organic hay / water and vegetables are provided on a daily basis.

We ask that owners bring their own complete dried food as we do not want any digestive systems being upset whilst on holiday.

Prices - 1 rabbit / guinea pig      £5  2 rabbits / guinea pigs    £6  3 rabbits / guinea pigs    £7

(All accomodated in the same pen - if needing to be housed separately then the above rate will apply to each pen required)